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The charity that is supported on behalf of Kate is the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity. The charity raises money solely to support The Royal Marsden, a world-leading cancer centre. Supporting the hospital can make a significant difference to the lives of its patients and their loved ones, as well as cancer patients across the world.

Your donation can help towards:

  • Support life-saving research - Including funding clinical trials and access to the latest breakthrough drugs
  • Offer patients world-leading treatment and care - Tailored and personalised treatment, caring for the whole person not just their illness
  • Invest in state of the art equipment - From robotic surgery, to improved cancer imaging to ensure more effective and efficient diagnosis and treatment
  • Fund modern patient environments - Building new facilities and refurbishing existing ones

For more details please visit: https://www.royalmarsden.org/

Royal Marsden Cancer Charity Registered Charity Number 1095197

The charity that is supported on behalf of Ben is GUTS UK. GUTS UK is the only UK charity funding research into the digestive system from top to tail; the gut, liver and pancreas. Aiming to provide earlier diagnoses, kinder treatments and ultimately a cure. Guts have been underfunded and undervalued for decades and we exist to change that. 58% of people are embarrassed to talk about their digestive condition or symptoms and Guts UK therefore try to empower people to seek help.

Your donation can help towards:

  • To provide expert information
  • Raise public awareness
  • Fund life-changing & life saving research

Discover more: https://gutscharity.org.uk/

Guts Uk Registered Charity Number 1137029

Beat SCAD supports those affected by Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection (SCAD), raising awareness of the condition and raises funds for research. SCAD is an uncommon and underdiagnosed heart condition that can't be predicted or prevented - yet. A tear or bruise develops in coronary artery resulting in a blockage that prevents normal blood flow and can cause heart attack, heart failure or cardiac arrest which can be fatal.

Your donation can help towards:

  • Support services including providing information about SCAD and to healthcare professionals helping them to navigate patients through their post-SCAD recovery journey
  • Educational sessions to healthcare professionals to help raise awareness, helping them to think 'SCAD' when presented with a patient who as cardiac symptoms
  • SCAD is currently the main funder of the UK research project in Leicester, and has so far awarded more than £297,000 to the project - SCAD hope to continue to achieve donations like these

Further information can be found via: https://beatscad.org.uk/

Beat SCAD Registered Charity Number 1164066